To prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to protect our collaborators and partners as much as possible while ensuring the continuity of our activities, the following measures are implemented :

  • Imperative compliance with hygiene measures is required: wash your hands, no handshakes, keep a distance between you,
  • external or internal visits are deleted unless absolutely necessary and validated by myself
  • Work organization will take care to limit promiscuity between employees

We will try to disrupt the daily routine as little as possible. And thank you for your understanding in this exceptional situation.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement

 No 877099


A new force in thermoplastic extrusion

Experts in all shapes and sizes

Flexibility and innovation in thermoplastic extrusion

Extruco, based in Anderlecht, Belgium, produces quality custom and standard shape PVC extrusions. From the smallest profile to wide panels, smaller or larger quantities, consumer products or semi-finished products, our capabilities will exceed your expectations.

With our commitment to innovation and high manufacturing standards, we are dedicated to produce high quality products for every customer. Extruco is ISO9001 certified.

Custom Extrusions

Stillemans, a family owned company founded in 1928, has been producing plastic profiles  and accessories by extrusion and injection for over 50 years. We design, develop and build all dies onsite. Being innovative and flexible, our R&D department and engineers work closely together with our customers. With 3D printers produced prototypes of injection moulded or extrusion moulded items a fast service for our customers is offered. Following the latest trends in design new decors and colours are continuously added to our large range of finishes.

Over the years we have also developed a wide range of standard products, you are welcome to take a look in our catalogue.

Consumer products

New is our production of high quality PVC flooring and wall products such as Extru-floor. The main assets of these rigid PVC flooring and wall panels: 100% waterproof, no emission of formaldehyde and 100% recyclable. With these properties they are suitable for both (heavy) commercial and residential applications in dry as well as wet conditions. Fitted with a UNICLIC system they are always easy to install.

Following interior design trends, a wide choice of decors, surface finishes and types are available.


Stillemans has moved to the new Extruco offices and factory.

Allée de la recherche 32
1070 Anderlecht

+(32) 2 481 05 30